Error samba pos mobile (error 4000)

I made all the steps followIng by the manual sambapos mobile
Uploading: IMG_20191108_155936.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_161848.jpg…

Uploading: IMG_20191108_155915.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_155330.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_155928.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_155921.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_154328.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_154623.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_154614.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_154123.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_154104.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_154024.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_160426.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_153646.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_161535.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_160721.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20191108_161604.jpg…

Please let it finish uploading before you press submit in forum. It looks like we are missing a LOT of photos. Also can you please reduce the size of the photos before you upload… those are over 3mb each… You can just press Print Screen button and paste right into the forum.

Your issue is that it cant find the message server. Your device is connected via the same wifi right? You have set the correct port in the firewall which is 9000 not 1433 right? 1433 is for SQL Server, message server is on 9000

Also you installed it on 9000+ right?

Also it looks like your running an older version of SambaPOS? What version are you running? 5.2.24 is the latest.

Hello @thisway,

If you can provide me Anydesk Remote Connection Program ID, I can connect to your system and check the situation for you.

You can download it from below link;

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@thisway Please PM him with your access code. I do not think you would want that listed in a public forum. I will remove your post but please PM him.


how can i know the version?

this is my version

You are on a VERY old version. Latest version is 5.2.24 you can find it in the release category of the forum.

i just did it now, i have the 5.2.24

now i saw i dont have the samba mobile client helper 1017, can you tell me where can i download, i think is necesary to mobile sambapos

No it’s not anymore. You don’t need it. That is built into message server.

I was trying to play with the Android app tonight with the demo but it’s saying it can find the message server as well. I haven’t tried to connect it to a local server since we haven’t purchased a license yet while we’re configuring things. I wanted to test out the Android app before we make the decision of getting some surface go tablets for table side orders or some cheap Android tablets.

To test it you need to have internet access on it. THe demo connects to their servers. Surface GO will not run SambaPOS I am fairly sure you need full windows. The mobile app is definitely the way to go for table side ordering it will always be faster and is immune to the pause/slowdown during poor wifi that the windows tablets have sometimes due to the reliance of always connected DB.

You cant connect it to your system for testing.

They are working heavily on a new app and that could cause the issue with their test server. This particular issue is because he was running Local DB and he also had a very old version of sambapos.

Yea I was just trying to test it on a Android tablet with internet but it wouldnt work.

Actually I have been trying and failing to purchase a v5 pro license and a Android license this morning not sure who I need to speak with.

V5 you can buy direct from samba. Not sure about mobile app.
You can also buy from reseller. Check samba site for ones for your country.
Failing that if your still struggling I have licence only v5 listed on my website but not android app as havn’t got round to working out the recurring aspect and how to reliably handle the future subscriptions through the site.

There is issue with test server I’ll see if we can fix it.

Demo server issue is fixed.