SambaPOS 5.2.24 Release

For the memory of Emre Eren 1976 - ∞

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:warning: Don’t forget to create a backup before installing new releases. You’ll need a working backup if you need to rollback to previous version.

What’s new in 5.2.24

  • MobileClient now works offline. You must clear your key from for the first time.
  • MobileClient checks license only one time. After that it will work without checking license.
  • Adjust price over GQL addOrderToTerminalTicket mutation is added
  • Language updates (French, Dutch, Greek)
  • PutData and PutJson added to WebAccessor
  • Calculations added to getTickets and getTicket GQL Queries
  • Virtual Keyboard error solved
  • Microsoft Entity Framework library updated
  • Microsoft Clear Script library updated
  • Microsoft OWIN libraries updated
  • Newtonsoft JSON library updated

When are we expecting release of new version of SambaPOS @VehbiEmiroglu

Was it a particular feature/issue you were looking for update for?
Does this relate to your PaymentSense question the other week? If so the new integration is updated independently of samba, the core part for all current card machine links is in this version, and there are just some minor adjustments required for the dll file relating to the specific integration for PaymentSense PAC.
I have been testing the beta of the new PS setup and it is looking to be a vast improvement on the old one but it is still just getting final minor adjustments before public release.

Yes @JTRTech. I am waiting for it to integrate this system with paymentsense. Will new update need Paymentsense Gateaway or not.

The updated PS integration doesn’t use a separate ‘gateway app’, prompts are shown in similar style as ask question popups and process remains in samba.
No more second app popup or issues if you try and go back t samba while processing.

The interface parts are within sambas current version however you need the dll specific to the payment provider to make it work. It is this dll which is just getting some minor adjustments before public release.

He will release a new version with the appropriate files. You will not see a separate dll released. Be patient it won’t be long.

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Yes new PaymentSense integration is an independent solution. It will works also with 5.2.24. We are still using 5.2.25 beta internally. I will release 5.2.25 i think next week. Also it will come with new PaymentSense PAC integration.

Thanks for reply @VehbiEmiroglu. I have 5.2.25 beta running in testing machine.Is it possible you could provide the DLL file of Payment Sense so that I can test.

Since 5.2.25 beta is not released, that is impossible…

These tests are typically done with 1-2 select testers. It is not a public beta.

Yes now its not a public beta. When its ready for public beta i will send of course