Exact amount button

Hi again, small thing and its probably something really silly but the “exact amount” button on the settle page has stopped working. Ie, when a total appears the same number appears in a box on the bottom right next to the “X” button. It highlights when pressed but does nothing. Can you advise?

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I have changed this thread to a Question because it is not an Issue.

To answer your question we need more information. What did you change recently? Can you show the action and rule?

Hi, thanks for your response.

This is not a button I created, but a button that comes with your programme. Its the fast-key for entering the same amount charged as is the total (like in attached screenshot)

Im not aware Ive created (or edited) any automation rules for it. I cant seem to find anything about the button in the list.

That is not what that button is. That button shows the original total and if you make any split payments etc it will clear it back to original total… To enter entire amount use the All button. That is not a fast payment button… Fast Payment button is something else entirely and its made through automation.

Example of use of the button in question. Type 2 and press split… it will show remaining amount… press the button in question and it takes it back to original .

EDIT: Actually im wrong… i am not sure what that button is for. All is what selects total amount…That button is behaving like the x. @emre any idea?

Yeah thats it, a total select button. You’re right, I’ve just tried typing in the amount manually with the keypad, pressed that button and it just cleared it, like the ‘x’ button would.

It remembers last tendered amount.

For example 3 people will pay 1/3 of ticket. 3 > 1/n buttons splits amount to 3. If you forget split amount while settling second payment… you can restore it by clicking this button.


Oh I seeeee! Ah thanks very much :smile: