Example of VERY Complex Accounting: What is possible with States and Whole Accounting!

I am showing you how it is possible to setup very complex accounting to handle various functions of your business.

Disclaimer: This was not easy to setup and it will not be easy to discuss in a tutorial. I will build a tutorial but it is going to take some time. If you have any desire for any of this function in your system I HIGHLY recommend you get intimate with your understanding of the accounting or else you will find yourself in a mess.

I can provide the Database Tools file on request but just know that you should use it for testing and understanding. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO LIVE unless you are familiar with what I did and you are comfortable with how it works.

Notice all the numbers stay accurate and unmodified so you can still use your Transaction documents which I have a few on the right as you can see. Most of my accounts that involve expenses, taxes etc I have hidden if they have a zero balance.

Furthermore since this system uses Whole Accounting, States, and Unique Ticket Types for each function it is highly accurate and you can build some very nice custom reports for it.

NOTE: This system does not create new tickets for Refunds, NonTax, Abort it uses existing tickets and converts them just like a big box retailer or large chain would do. This keeps it simple and no confusion with multiple tickets…

Notice the Refund and Abort tickets you do not have the option to reopen ticket… These are finalized and there is no reason to reopen them because there is no value left for those tickets. The button does appear for the Non Tax and Normal Ticket. You cannot use Abort button on a submitted order either. That would cause confusion with kitchen. It is simply there to cancel an order before it is submitted and it tracks use of the button and how much $ amount is getting aborted. This information is good so you can track trends. If particular product is aborted frequently there may be an issue you should look into… maybe its priced too high or something is causing second guessing by customer.

Here is example of receipts printed: Each type of sale prints specific receipt. Refund receipts print different two requiring a signature.

The web address and the number at bottom is actually a QR code and a bar code notepad does not print those.

This is the screen I use to process refunds, and to reprint receipts. You can either scan the bar code at bottom of the receipt or type the TR# into this field and it automatically loads that ticket WITHOUT having to use ticket viewer.
I wish I could pretty it up a little. HINT HINT @emre I would love to be able to add some color or headers or something.

Popup when you hit reopen ticket. Yes cancels payment so you can process Refund. No reopens but does not cancel payment for a quick receipt reprint.

Refund Transaction button pops up as available if you press Yes. This will refund the entire transaction with 1 press.

Of course it asks for confirmation if you Refund entire transaction. No sends you back and does nothing.

Popup if you hit yes showing you how much to refund. (Yes I know i need to work on the color its ugly)

And the receipt for a refund. I keep these. I plan to overhaul the refund receipt.

Once again the 4 digit number at bottem is actually a barcode that contains ticket id. Notepad just will not print the barcode. The web address is a QR code.


Hello Kendash,

On my account screen, I have simple profit and loss statement. I want show “Gross Profit” and “Net Profit”

How do i get in these rows (Gross and Net Profit)

Many Thanks

You should not use Account screen for this. You should use Custom Reports. To calculate Gross Profit it depends on how you want it calculated. Net Profit is also dependant on your specific need. Typically Net Profit is whats left over after All Expenses are paid.

Gross Profit is typically Total Revenue - Cost of Goods sold.

Net Profit is typically Gross Profit - Maintenance, Rent, Fees, etc.

Gross profit is fairly easy to get, Net profit depends on what you want included in it.

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Thanks Kendash,

I cant buy the custom report module because of the payment modes you use. Neither can i buy version 5 of samba too.
I wait patiently till you add debit cards to your medium of payments. I believe in the power of Samba

Thanks very much

Samba market uses paypal, should accept debit cards?!?

Some Countries cant use Paypal even though they accept Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Really? That sucks.

@SHIELD if it’s holding you back and you wanted to send me money by alternative method I could transfer to my PayPal account and purchase on your samba market account if it helps.


That would be a great help. Please let me know the medium you suggest.


No idea LOL, just wanted to offer to help if you had an idea.
Pretty much use PayPal for everything myself so never needed anything else.
Bank Transfer and Weston Union are only other two I know of/have ever looked at.

Is it possible share the EXPORT FILE FOR THE DB ?