Exception For Dealers

Actually, they should allow you to reassign (change email address for the license) kind of things. So you can just buy a few license then reassign the license to customer when sold.

You can do that in the reseller type account or at least looks like it anyway and beleive you can purchase allocated licences I beleive, as I said there used to be an option to buy 5 or 10 licences at reduced rate but those options seem to have gone.
There is a transfered section but cant see options to transfer - similarly shame there is no clear key option in reseller panel.

Maybe work in progress

Better language support would be good… B2B both general and reseller is a right mix of English and Turkish as well as several required fields irelevent to non Turkish business/most resellers, is an aspect really letting them down, mark like myself continue to use normal samba market for this reason among a couple of others.