Exception For Dealers


I have one rerquest from sambapos family;
Can be an exception for dealers to use unregistered trial sambapos version when we login with b2b account?
Unregistered text message at top of the window is ok but popup is not good also it is frustrating.
Because we improving the program in our own computer before we will implement to customer. It is not nice to be come to a deadlock in front of the customer because of the small faults or the flaws that are overlooked.


That popup is not a fault or flaw. You can purchase a license to use for development if you wish and activate it when showing a customer and then when finished you can clear license key to use in another dev database.

That popup is to remind you to license it and it is definitely a good idea considering if all we had was the text at the top then there would be no motivation to license.


Thanks @Jesse, I know that popup is not fault,
I mean because of my other little faults.
enter customer liccense–>improve–>clear licens. (yes this is a way)
I want practise and iprove my self and find new scenarios … and and.

so, dear sambapos family my request is still active.


Yes I agree it is annoying but if you are working on many different customer database like I am myself there is ways around it to stop it being as annoying. If you are working on a normal PC likely you have a larger screen so you can just put SambaPOS into window mode (double click SambaPOS logo in top left) then the activation popups won’t appear on top of the app, so won’t get in your way.

Also, if you are a reseller you can probably contact SambaPOS for a free license for your own use so if you are showing something to a customer you can get rid of the trial and activation warnings.

I don’t suggest you use customer license and keep clearing like that, it will affect their system if they use at the same time.


please, look at the my work screen :smile:


Yes, you can ignore them. They don’t get in the way if you have SambaPOS in a window…

You can see my screen here and it does not affect me or get in the way of me working with SambaPOS…


Yees big monitor, but I using 13" touch scren 2 in 1 notebook and I waiting Good news from sambapos :wink: .


I seriously doubt it. You may just invest a bit. 21" screen 2nd can be had for like $10-$50. If you work with a lot of client, you should afford to get brand new wide screen 24".


I already have a big monitor in my work room, but I left working on chair at the table.
Mobile now.


As mentioned earlier some of us resellers were given a free licence for demo to customers etc.
But in all honesty, those of us who received these are or at least at the time were extremely active on the forum, supporting beta development and supporting other forum users.
I don’t question your legitimacy but this topic is your only post on the forum as far as I can see… You’ve been a member of the forum for 3-4 months and read a fair amount of topics but you forum status is only basic user. If I were the one with power to offer free dev licence for reseller etc I would look at a users forum presence to judge there legitimacy and with your only topic and 4 posts within that single topic (on the subject of getting free licence) I would have to question the validity of your request.
Any full time/legitimate reseller would likely have at least posted a few times over 3-4 months on forum to either ask a question or help in some way…
I mean no disrespect but on face value what would you think if situation was reversed?


I would say from the screenshot you posted it looks similar in size to mine, i.e. 1920x1080. This is enough for what solution I gave you.

Don’t hold any luck in there being any response to SambaPOS on this, it isn’t something holding you back and it definitely isn’t holding back many resellers like myself, and as JTRTech rightly states, this is your first post on the forum, no disrespect but not exactly what I would expect from a “busy reseller”.

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Hi @JTRTech
I think differently;
If I wanted to read the secret posts of this forum, I could say you are right, but these two things are different.
Sambapos software and sambaposClub.
https://forum.sambapos.com/tos and
I read.
SambaposClub is just a way to this request, I had could use phone call or whatsapp message or email.

I thought that
Maybe you guys will join me
and it will not be only my request

why did not you want “stopPOPUP(not free license)” until today.


@markjw yes you right but 1920x1080 in 13".
Not 21" or 24" or up
So I using fullscreen all windows


I see. Maybe just put in window mode then drag edges of window to make full screen except where the activation pop ups are showing?

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I haven’t requested as is not an issue for me, I appreciate the need for samba to protect there software and ensure people buy a licence.

Not sure what the links to tos and faq is for?

My comments still stand wether you post on forum, email or phone…
If someone were to call out of the blue saying, I’m a dev/reseller and want a free licence/a way to not get licence notifications (pretty much free licence since there are no restrictions), would you now question that?

If you rang or emailed Adobe to say you were a reseller and want a free licence for your demo machine to you think they would just give you one?

We do not need to join your request as for dev we do not see it as an issue and for customer demo we received a free licence for participating and supporting the forum.


@JTRTech :confused: I am sorry I couldn’t understand you,
I am NOT boss of restaurant, I just sell this software and I need clear workplace, and I wanted this from sambapos company managers not from you, also I didn’t want help.
I wrote this here because maybe someone join me. Please don’t enlarge subject.


Im telling you not to hold you breath, as a reseller (like you) with hundreds of hours working on sambapos and on forum Im pretty confident you will not get what your asking for, thats all, several of us tried to tell you this and you pushed the subject so tried to explain looking at it from a different angle.

Suit yourself, wait for a response from sambapos management - but have they answered you yet? As everyone was trying to suggest - dont hold your breath.

And so far several of the most active forum members have suggested to you that this is not something that will be considered, how you take that is up to you and if you want to ignore these comments so be it, push the subject and even contact say tayfun directly who has the power to grant you a licence, I wish you the best and you never know you might get that complimentary ‘dev’ licence but can safely tell you that they will not create a way to disable these messages else why would anyone bother to buy a licence.

Ill leave it at that, wouldnt want to ‘enlarge the subject’…


My first post, I wrote "when we login with b2b account " SAMBAPOS can work without popup because b2b account open under Mr Tayfun control. Also b2b account inside license keys some customers.
And Thank you your good wishes.


Well, b2b login is doesn’t mean anything. I can create as many account as I like. Unless you already purchase a lot of licenses for your clients, you may contact them directly. They may give you a free license for testing/development.

I don’t think they gonna change how SambaPOS software verify license just to fit your requirement. I don’t know why they call it b2b (business2business), anyone can access. They don’t have anything to verify if the register users are SambaPOS partner/reseller.


Not entierly true, there is a reseller account type which allows management of sub accounts - annoyingly you cant clear licence key from there but allows (well used to, option seems to have gone) bulk purchasing of licences at slightly reduced rates.
I believe this type of account needs to be setup by tayfun.