Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation on waiter screen

Or you might be able to use the script test function and manually feed in the values manually to update again the task that’s wrong but would need to know what values to put in to update correct tasks.
Or if tasks are not used for logging and just these screens it might be easier to drop the table contexts and clear the tasks all together but again without knowing the setup can’t say if this is option or not.

sir can i give you db of this or can you take remote access to my computer

Are you not acting as a reseller?
Have you even looked at the tasks table?
I give up enough time to help on forum without doing other sellers jobs for them. Happy to advise but not in a rush to bail out someone overselling and out of their depth.

yes sir i check the task tables there is nothing 2 ##

When I had that error it was usually something I had to fix by manually editing the table in the database with mssms. It’s typically a naming issue

sir i did it huh lol

very small thing it was finally i did that

i delete the task type and again i added task type and now it is working fine just i delete that waiter task and i thanks a lot to mr JTR for long time u have help me sir thank you very much.

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