Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation on waiter screen

hi i am getting this error on waiter screen when i open screen i have this error and i have attach gif file can some one help me please

Please show us your Exp-Diter Bump entity screen configuration

it was good till now all of sudden i got this error this expditer screen is for waiter when we click ready order on kitchen screen it will come on expditer screen

Please check all your settings again and again.

i check all everything is correct

ok i will tell u exact issue what happen rules scripts printer job template entity name all this names was pizza, bar, drinks and food so what i did i change this names every were to oven, assembely bar makeup and after changing i saw one item was pending on kitchen screen i click ready on that item so it shuld go for expditer screen which we call as waiter screen then whn i open expditer screen i got this error. so i change back names as it was before but even then i am getting this error on expiditer screen

Can you not show the setup? Your explanation is not clear. What names.

i can show setup sir but what exactly you want me to show you sir

name like in the kitchen all rules, printer template,task type, script, printer job names was before food, pizza, bar, drinks.

so this names i change to oven, assembely, bar, make up. but before changing this names there was one pending ticket on kitchen display i dint fire the ticket before changing names.i fire the ticket after changing names on kitchen screen. so the operation in my kitchen screen is when we fire ticket from kitchen screen it go to waiter screen.so after changing name i fire the ticket and waiter screen started giving me this error. and waiter screen name i have change as expiditer.

and i did one mistake also in rule for waiter color but i clear that even then now i have same error the mistake was 2 time i gave # like this

tasks.updateTask(‘KD Waiter - Food’,’’,’[:CommandValue]’,’##FF1F497D’)

but i did this proper even then now i have same error

But changing the script wouldn’t resolve the issue if you have already run the script with double ## already as it’s already set those values. Changing the script call won’t backdate values already updated…
If that’s what’s causing the issue.

so how to solve this sir now

I don’t know your setup or that script so not really sure what it’s updating. But if you ran it with double ## I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the issue.
It may need the task in database manually changing to remove the seccond hash.

so do i have to do this proper in sql server sir if u want i can give u my db or i can give u remote

If that’s the cause then amended the issue in db may resolve.

were exactly it will be in db i dont no sir lol

I would guess in the tasks table since the script would look to be updating tasks.
If this is testing database why not just use clear transactions script in database tools which should also clear tasks.

no sir lol this is the same crazy customer db lol

So your working on a live database? Always a bad move if your not not sure what your doing.

no sir i tested on my db it was working fine then i started customizing on customer db but by mistake something gone wrong

So I would check in tasks table and find the task(s) updated by bad script and remove the seccond #.
Backup before encase you make worse.