Exception on Samba LocalSettings

Even after deleting sambasettings.txt. i have been geeting the same exception with no detailed error. can any one please get me through this problem. i cannot load samba. I am using samba ver 4.

the image above is copied from another user.


Have you tried just reinstalling samba, just open the setup file and run the installation again

@RickH yes i have done that … i uninstalled and reinstalled it … i have same problem on both sever and terminal pc… i am using sql express. Can you also tell me how i can completely uninstall samba.
thanks for the reply

Hello @spiritssr,

Delete the sambasettings.txt file located in C:\ProgramData\SambaPOS\SambaPOS4

The folder is hidden by default so you need to show hidden folders first.

Close and restart SambaPOS after this.

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@kendash i checked the folder but sambasettings.txt is missing and now i have no idea…

Did you try reinstall of 4.1.82?

Yes… but it’s not completely uninstalling… how can i completely uninstall it???

I didnt mean uninstall it… just reinstall… Were you using SQL or CE?

i am using sql in server computer. i just reinstalled it in the terminal without uninstalling and checked the samba pos folder in program data but sambasettings.txt is still missing and the program is throwing the same exception error… how can i do a complete fresh install if the problem exists…

You do have show hidden files enabled right?

thank you all for the replies… i used a third party uninstaller to uninstall samba , reinstalled it and reset the connection string… it is finally working now…