Execute PHP Script

I can see this being useful for many things. Maybe it could be a module to add in support for people running their own web server who plan to integrate services with Samba. Since I have been toying with TimeTrex I know I am going to attempt other things that would integrate my Companies website into SambaPOS.

Just a few possibilities I can think of… linking daily specials into my website dynamically when I start them in Samba… Or linking my menu/prices etc from Samba directly into my website.

I make changes from samba… it updates my restaurant website…

I can probably figure out a way to do this without it built in but I thought I could maybe open up a discussion about this at least.

Let me make some advertisement :slight_smile:
We’re actively working on a great project called Samba on Air. It is an online service for primarily building and hosting your restaurant’s website. We’ll fully integrate SambaPOS to automatically update menus, specials, prices and process online orders and reservations. We’re also planning to release some mobile apps for your customers. We’ll talk about it a lot soon…

Also we’re open to all kinds of third party integrations for better automating your business. Since I don’t have much experience on PHP language or running PHP scripts I’m not sure how it helps but if you can give more details about your plans I can search for possibilities.


Count me in… I would really like to help in any way!!!



PD I have benn looking around for 3rd partys ANDROID menus and online orders… coudl not find much…
perhaps you would like to take a look at: http://www.sefiro.com.br/dmenu/

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Awesome looking forward to that. Basically to run a php script you have to have php installed on the server you plan on running the script from and a web server for it to feed to.

You can run the script by placing it in your web server and then pulling it up via your web browser example: www.test.com/script.php or you can run it via a cmd by calling php.exe example c:\php\php.exe -f “f:\scripts\script.php”

I havn’t tried but I was wondering if Start Process would work but I am not sure if it can support that style of argument.

My plans are pretty open right now. I am sort of re-branding my business and plan to launch this POS once I feel I have it ready. Everyday I am searching for things I can do with Samba and other sources to improve my business. One thing I Know I need to do is my business needs to become more social.

I have done a lot with PHP in the past and its pretty good for building dynamic applications and websites. Most of my limited experience is with PHP so I kinda of gravitate towards it when I am looking for solutions.

But I am open as well.

PS: What you mentioned in your advertisement is mostly what I am looking for so I will gladly wait.

You should be able to launch a cmd to access your script on the server. sth like this:

$ wget http://www.test.com/script.php?arg1=xx

I know I can launch a CMD its how I am currently doing it. I was looking for something more integrated.

Yeah, I was also looking to that integrated solution but looking at SambaPOS roadmaps, I think these features will come. I was thinking either using cmd with JSON with POST to the web server or the old school method:

  • dump the table
  • sync it to the web server
  • update the tables on the server

Do you have any update on this feature? I urgently need to integrate a restaurant website to be able to take orders directly into SambaPOS.

Willing to pay to have it done.

Its possible right now if you know what your doing. An official solution is still some time away but planned.

What would I need to do? Would you be willing to setup for me, and at what cost?

It would be very extensive and require very good knowledge of PHP and samba. And no I would not because I do not have that kind of time to do a project that large right now.

Ok, what if I just wanted to display my website orders inside SambaPOS (perhaps using entities)? How would I go about doing that?

Use the HTML Viewer Widget on a Custom Entity Screen. Search those terms to get started.

I think me and Q had some extensive discussions on this while back you might learn enough info to get started by looking that up. Search for the key topics like what Q just suggested.

Also look up inject and invoke script

PS. There are actions that deal with updating HTML Widget as well you might look those up and play with that. We have several examples in the forum when we were prodding @emre for solutions several months ago.

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Shouldn’t samba v5 make online ordering alot easier to achieve?

btw any news on a release soon?


There are some very nice features planned yes.

When it releases you will know :stuck_out_tongue:

We still have bugs working out some of them recently have been breaking. @emre introduced some very very nice features and we are still improving and adding a few more… I cant speak for @emre he has not given anyone a release date not even us.

But if I was to guess based on its current state it shouldn’t be too much longer. That is just my opinion I could be completely wrong.

@Hasa to put it into perspective v5 has completely new engines for how it evaluates expressions among other things. This potentially could cause things to break from v4 with some peoples configurations. We are still discovering small bugs with this even though we are in the 20th release of v5. It has progressed to something truly amazing but I can understand why he wants it to be tested more.

It will be worth the wait… these things need testing but v5 wouldnt be worth the v5 tittle if it wasnt different and a better product so it will all be worth it.

The more we keep @emre away from the general forum the more focused he is on developing. There are a few of us that try our best to answer all the questions etc so @emre doesnt have too.


So in these new cool features, can we expect more extensive and efficient ways to design the menu flow. Like for courses, coupons, promotions (buy one get one free), order tags (anything besides what you showed me), etc



Yes there will be many different improvements for just about everything.

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