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I want to learn about expense account, i read some topics but i am a little bit confused. For example;
I have suppliers when i buy products from my suppllier (inventroy itmes/purchase transaciton type) will the system(sammbapos) able to add it to my expense account automaticly? And also what is the diffrence between receviable account and payment account and sale account?

I have also fixed cost like rent,utilities. Every month i’d like them to add my expenses automatically.
Also i need open day,close day, cash in(from my pocket), cash out (to my pocket or some unexpected expenses) buttons. How can i create it?

How can i do all these easier. Because there are a lot of expenses.(10suppliers, 3 personnel, utilites, unexpected expenses) I read method Q and K… I am confused. Please help…

I have 35 Supplier Accounts and 31 Expense Accounts.

The method I presented for handling this is about as basic as it gets. Once you have a setup working for 1 account, with at least 1 method of payment, the rest is simple… create more accounts of that type.

Sales > Receivables > Payment
Tax > Receivables > Payment

That is the basic flow of funds for selling your products. The Receivables account holds the sum of Sales + Taxes until the Ticket is Settled. When it is Settled, it is being paid via a Payment account such as Cash, Cash USD, Credit Card, Voucher, Gift Certificate, etc.

This default setup is used so that you can accurately track what you Sell, how much Tax is collected, and how much funds are in different Payment accounts such as Cash or Credit Card.

When you go to make purchases from suppliers or make payments to expenses such as Utilities, you essentially move in the opposite direction:

Payment > Receivables > Supplier/Expense

So you are taking Cash (Payment account) and transferring it to your Supplier/Expense Account. You physically pay your supplier via cash or cheque or whatever, but the accounting allows you to see how much you are paying out, and to to which Supplier or Expense. If you are paying straight out of the Cash Drawer, you will see this reflected in your end of day cash count as well.

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Method K is virtually the same as Q only difference being when you click the button and few other minor visual things but the concept is the same.

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Dear @QMcKay and @Jesse thank you very much for your replies. I am at the begining of learning SambaPos. There are a lot of things to learn. Your topics are very usefull for us. Thanks a lot for your helping. The questions in my mind answered by your topics and replies. You are heroes for me:) also @emre

  1. Is it possible to make personnel salary and rental automaticly decrease from my account at 1st day of month?Is there any topic?

2)How can the inventory products(expenses.cost) which i supply from my suppliers decrease automaticly from my account?

For example i make transaction from inventory menu 2box coca cola and it costs 25dolars. When i buy how can the cost will decrease from my account and shown supplier account?

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Currently Inventory and Accounts are not linked. In the future I believe this is something @emre is looking to improve.

There is a way to somewhat do this which @qmckay has done with a very elaborate and complex php/sql solution of his own design. This is a complex setup requiring a web server and php installed to run. I doubt @qmckay will provide much more support for it if you do not understand it as it requires knowledge of php, web servers, and sql.

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