Expenses and Payouts - Method K:Tip Transactions

I am thinking you would definitely need to define Employee’s as Entities. We can work with Entities to do a lot of stuff. You can link Entities to Users fairly easily.

I created the Entity Type Employee, which have Name (String) and PIN (Number)

Then I added the entities for each user I have, with the same Name and PIN.

What should I do next?

I am thinking in adding a field that is Tip to each entity Employee, then every time a paid is made the real Tip value will be copy in that field of the entity Employee. But I don´t know how to handle the case when they get paid, because is not that simple as setting it in 0 because they get paid in cash some times and with card other times.

And I have trying to change info of a field of the entity with an action it is not working for me ( I created the automation command, the rule and the action which is Update Entity Data type)

I am not going to dive into this just yet. But some things that might be useful is the Create Account Transaction and Create Account Transaction Document actions. You could store tip amount as a ticket tag… assign the Employee Entity to show up in the tag. Can read the tag and tag value to create the account transactions and documents.

I remembered I’ve recently added a feature for 4.1.68 to map calculation accounts to entity accounts. So if we’ll write tips to directly employee accounts, setting calculation transaction type’s source account type as employee accounts and leaving default account as empty will be enough. Calculation will automatically read the entity account if entity type’s account type is same. It works like how payment transactions maps to payment accounts.

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Thank you @emre

I made this:

What am I missing? Or that wasn´t what you meant?

For tip transaction Source Type will be Employees Account and Target Type will be Receivables. Default target will be also Receivables.

Untick Toggle Calculation for calculation type.

Additionally you need an employee entity type, entity type’s account type will be Employees Account and you should map that entity type to ticket type.

You’ll create employee entities for each employee and map their accounts.

At the end of it when you select an employee for ticket tip calculation will be added to employee’s mapped account.

Thank you @emre

I did almost everything. I had the Employee Entity Type, and their Account Type is the Employees Account.

How do I map that Entity Type to Ticket Type? And then how do I map each entity employee entity with their accounts?

I think I found it here:

But how can I do to map automatically the actual user with that entity? Because I would not like to ask the user to choose if it´s him, because it can end in confusions.

I am also considering this option (with Action and Rule):

But is not working…

To link Users and Employee Entities you must ensure the Entities and Users names match exactly. When that user logs in the rule you made above will assign the Entity with that user to the ticket. What it is doing is its reading the name of the Current User and inserting that as Entity Name.

Your action in your rule needs to have {:CURRENTUSER} in the Entity Name box not the constraint box.

Great! Thank you very much @Jesse

How can I save the information to save it and visualize it in the reports? Because I noticed that after each Work Period everything starts from 0 in the Accounts.

You can set your account screens to view all and not just work period. Look at Filter Type in Account Screens.

I thought you’ll pay back tips to waiters so I’ve recommended a accounting based solution. If it is not the case and you just need to see it as a report we store User Id with calculations so you can use custom reports module to see tips for each user. If all waiters have their own PIN’s you don’t need entities too…

Yes, the accounting based solution works great! I didn´t see the option of changing the work period.

Thank you guys!

Now I have another situation that is not working…I would really appreciate your help.

I have the Delivery department implemented with Deliverers as entity and the screen where you assign each ticket to each deliverer.

I want to see in the Accounts the same thing with Tips for employees for Deliverers, so I followed the same steps but everything focused in Delivery Tips.

I created the Transaction Type Delivery Tip:

I have the Deliverers Accounts:

I have another Calculation Type:

I created a new Calculator Selector for the Delivery Tickets with his corresponding mapping:

And I mapped each Deliverer Entity with his account:

And in the Account Screen I added the Deliverers Accounts:

And in the Account Screen I don´t see any number for the Deliverers, I don´t know what I am doing wrong. I have been fighting a lot with this.

Check Accounts > Transactions. They’ll give the idea about the issue.

I did that and the Source Box is empty:

It looks like the Source Account should be Cash, which is a Payment Account, so check the Transaction Type for Delivery Tip Transaction. The Account Type that is missing in that Transaction Type is probably Payment Accounts.

I changed the Source Account Type to Payment Transaction and did not work…

I realized what I was missing. I had to map the entity Deliverer with the account Deliverers Account.

Thanks to everyone!