Can I add the Tip Payouts to my Work Period Report?

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I’ve tried to modify my Work Period Report to show the tips each employee is getting into their own Tip Payouts account.
I’ve tried:
[Waiter Tips:1, 1] {ACCOUNT TRANSACTION CREDIT TOTAL:'Tip Payouts'}
Also tried without the transaction and also used details instead of total.
Nothing seems to work. I’m sure it’s something simple I’m missing.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Try account transaction details not total

That doesn’t work either. Although right now I can’t get it to display anything. Not sure what I broke but it skips the whole Waiter Tips section.

Remove quotations from your transaction type?

I decided to put it in it’s own report. I removed the quotes. I fixed why it wasn’t displaying, transaction name was wrong. Here is my latest report:

This now displays all the data I can sus out. I don’t really need each transaction. I’m looking for the sum for each employee account so I can report how much tips each employee made each work period.

@emre Can you help?
I just need a report that tells me how much tip each employee got over the work period.

This is the last part I need to get working before I can implement this POS in the restaurant.

I was thinking about adding this to help the report: [ACCOUNT:Tip Payouts]

But it doesn’t seem to work.

All help is appreciated.

How would reports know which employee got what? All reports do is report from data. You must have employee accounts and report on those.

I do have employee accounts. How do I report on those?

Specify them in your report tags. Or use parameters for it if you don’t want to hardcode them. I’m away on phone so can’t provide examples.

‘Tip Payouts’ is the employee account type that is linked to the employee entity type with each account linked to an entity. I’m just unsure of being able to pull the tip numbers from the accounts after they have been tipped out. The only data that might be leftover is the transactions. Which is why I was trying to put the account name (thus the employees name) into the transaction’s description, to no avail.

What parameters could I use?

How we handle customer accounts should give an idea. On Customer Account Transaction type “Account Type” defined as “Customer Accounts” but there is no default account. In this case SambaPOS checks each assigned entity and find an entity that have account type defined as “Customer Accounts” (customer entity in this case) and assign selected customer entity’s account to transaction.

Similarly instead of assigning a default “Tip Account” to Tip Transactions you’ll leave default account as empty and select account type as “Employee Account”. That forces SambaPOS to assign Employee Entity’s account to the transaction. So Tip Transactions writes to Employee’s accounts instead of tip account.

This is not the single solution. You can have separate employee tip accounts if you need to separate them from employee wages… Or you can distribute tips to employee accounts periodically. (Some venues does it because they use tips for some employee related spendings). I mean there is no single parameter that will enable tip tracking. Account system should be designed according to specific needs.

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