Expenses and Payouts - Method Q

Yes they are connected. To show it on general you need to go to:

Settings > Accounts > Account Screens > General 

Click on select beside Account Type and add your new accounts.

Yeah you are right, thanks again for the help. Is it possible to see the whole sum at the bottom of the page, case now I can see only every one expense or income separated?Without you I would have be lost ;).

Hello. I have a question about the Calculator as well. I created the supplier and expense accounts as listed above. I can see the drawer payout button but nothing else comes up to enter what we are paying out. Can you provide any thoughts?

Its hard to know unless we see your configuration.

Did you follow the whole tutorial? Its not enough just to create the accounts.

Hi Jesse,

Yes I followed the whole tutorial minus the add calculator step. I am going to go back and add that part to see if it works.

I am more than glad to provide screenshots of my config, just let me know what you would like to see and I will provide.


HI Jesse,

Ok I have corrected the issue and now can log payouts and drawer is working correctly.

My last question is how do I edit what the system prints out?


Copy and paste your ticket template would be handy.
use the </> icon to be sure all code is displayed correctly.

Dont think you want the [ ] on the Total Gift line…

Thanks Joe, from the top line I see this is the Customer Receipt template. How do I route a new template to be picked up by Payouts?

need a new template, a new print job, action for the print job and a rule to specify print on payout only.

Alright I added a new template, print job, action and rule. Now the new Payout Template I created prints after the same version of the Customer Receipt shown above.

But payout print is only on payout?
Youll want to set normal receipt to not print on payout., would depend on your setup where that action will be, mine is in its own print receipt rule on payment processed.

Found it, it was in Document Type under Print Mapping. :slight_smile: Thanks Joe!

question sir how can i put the Purchase at the bottom of Find Ticket? this is the combination of inventory and accounting right?

You cannot. That was a mockup of how I wished it would appear and function.

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I have a question regarding Payouts & Expenses.
In SambaPOS V2, if you selected the “Cash Drawer” on the main Screen you could add a “Income Transaction” without going to the entities. How do i do this in V4??

In the same way you add an Expense or Payout Transaction, except that the Source and Target Accounts are in reverse.

As linked in the original post, follow the instructions found here:


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Hi. I’ve followed this Tutorial to the ‘T’, or so I think. But my Payout Buttons ‘Drawer Payout’ are not showing. Do I need to Map them in any way? (Im kind of hoping no one asks me for screenshots). Please advise. I’ve used this outstanding program and the tutorials for a few months now and with my shop opening in about four days, this one has got me stuck. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

Check your Document Types - they are your buttons that will appear.

Ensure the Button Header field is not blank.
Ensure the mapping is * * *

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Wow! First off. You guys are good/fast! Okay. My Document Types were good (I followed the Tutorial). What I wasn’t sure about was the mapping (because that wasn’t in the tutorial–but, I remember in a few other tutorials I’ve read, it was mentioned to ‘be sure to map them’ because there wasn’t a need for them to put that directive at the end of every step). Well, this one, I really wasn’t quite sure because it wasn’t mentioned at all and I am not really 100% certain what mapping means/does. In either case, I made sure of the mapping just as you mentioned and ‘voila’ (did I spell that right?) The buttons appeared. Thanks guys.

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