Expenses and Payouts - Method Q


This report. I’m trying to replicate the report with SQL but I’m unable to do it.


He may still be using it. But there is a chance he is not since Custom Reports has released long since this was written. Look here,



hopefully an easy question…
after implementing the above and doing some tests I have a “Balance Brought Forward” amount…
What is this number?


If you have balance before work period close it brings it forward to next wp


so…you are saying my payout was greater than my cash sales?
would it ‘go away’ when my cash sales exceed the payout amount in a future wp?


It should yes. You can easily test that.


I did and it didn’t. That’s why I asked.


it seems to be bringing balance forward even with cash sales exceeding the payout amount


Show some screenshots so we can see what you mean


before new wp


New wp
payout for 12.00


end of wp…also did a cash sale of 68.00
start of new one
screen showing balance brought forward


You still have a balance. Your credit line did not register anything. This is correct. What are you expecting?


The Balance Brought Forward will not go away in this case. Since there are no Credit transactions, and only ever Debit transactions, the amount will continue to grow forever. For most intents, you can ignore it.

What you need to look at is at the bottom:

Transaction Total: this value is for the WorkPeriod, or for whatever Period you have selected to filter in the top left. This is the value that is most important to you.

Grand Total: this value is the “forever” value, and includes the “Brought Forward” amount. Though “less” important, it is a good indicator showing your to-date payouts to this particular account. If you compare this value to other Accounts, you can quickly judge your highest Expense.

For me, the only place the Brought Forward and Grand Total amounts make sense is to something like a Customer Account. When they charge items to their account (Debit), then make a payment a week later (Credit), it affects their Grand Total Balance.


The way you read it is, I made x amount of payments total to this supplier and for the current work period I have made x amount. The account will never balance to zero because its only money going out.

Your drawer however could balance because money in from sales money out from suppliers payments but it probably would never be zero either unless supplier payments matched income exactly


ohh…i see. Thanks
I just didn’t expect to see any number once the wp was ended.


All Accounts have this same behavior, including the Sales Accounts and Payment Accounts (Cash, Credit Card, etc). If you look at the Account Details for these Accounts, you will see they all have a Brought Forward amount.

The only way to zero them out is to create Transactions in the opposite direction. For example, the Cash Accounts contains only Debits (for the most part). In order to balance it to zero, you need to create Credit Transactions, perhaps to a “Deposit” account. But then you will see an ever-growing amount in your Deposit Account because it is always being Debited while Crediting the Cash Account.


HI I made the setup, but my general account is not connected to expenses and suppliers account. One more question, are this accounts connected with the Items sales report and data? I mean if I sell something for 100 euros today and also pay some tax with the amount of 20 euros, will both them be calculated?


Yes they are connected. To show it on general you need to go to:

Settings > Accounts > Account Screens > General 

Click on select beside Account Type and add your new accounts.


Yeah you are right, thanks again for the help. Is it possible to see the whole sum at the bottom of the page, case now I can see only every one expense or income separated?Without you I would have be lost ;).