Expenses tracking

Dear @Emre, up tonow I have managed to use almost all SAMBAPOS features.
It´s amazing how powerfull this soft is.

I have managed to print discount cupons.
I have managed to use point system to have our clients interested in our pizza.
I have managed to add taxes.
I have managed how to track persons.
I have managed how to add a waiter to a table.
I have managed to pirnt out kitchen tickets, an also have a display with orders status.
I have managed to automatically show in the kitchen printer if the order is a take out order or not…

the one think I cannot figure out is how to trak expenses… I have reviewed three times the tutorial: How can I add expenses?

still its complicated to me…

If you could add an example with two expenses accounts it would be GREAT!!!



This is the method that I use, and it works well for my shop. I’ll add details as time permits.

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THANKS!!! cant wait to details, jajajajajja

THANKS again!!