Expiry Date Help

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Im using a Loyalty Type Card System at the moment. Every Card is programmed into the system as an entity with an expiry date in a custom field.

Is there a way that when the card is swiped the system will check the Expiry Date and if its lapsed I can get it to display a pop up on the screen.

Ill manage the pop up etc just not sure how to make sambapos check the date. Im using RFID cards at the moment and when scanned they trigger a numberpad value rule which then looks up the Entity so I guess I can trigger this rule under the same way just need it to check the Expiry Date on the Entity against the system date.

Hope this makes sense



Can use ternary expression to check that custom data field and compare to today’s date. If it is ok then execute rest if not then do something else.

Do a forum search for ternary expression there are hundreds of examples with it in use

Thanks Kendash can you please show me how that expression would look please.


Ternary looks something like;
[= A == B ? ‘true’ : ’ false’ ]
Not got example to hand so freehanding it.

Thanks Guys Ive got it was so easy lol made me chuckle how easy it was.


Hi Craig - this is a useful little constraint, do you mind sharing and posting here?
Thanks Paul