Export a copy of a Workperiod's worth of Closed Tickets as PDF

I read up on how to setup a print to PDF printer from within SambaPOS, but I’d like to export a whole day’s worth of tendered (closed) orders as a PDF either as one PDF with the file name be automatically generated during the “printing” process, or as a PDF of each ticket with the file name also being auto-generated so it is just a more time heavy process for the POS to open up each order and display the order and print it to PDF. Is that something that is possible to do easily/with the built in automation actions and rules? It is important to have the ticket exported as it would look as if it was printed out, so that rules out exporting the ticket info as a text file. Is this something that is possible or am I hoping for a little bit too much from Samba as it is stands at this time?

You would need to generate a list of ticket ids/numbers which should be possible with report expression. If not via sql query for shire as I do that with my pms integration.
You would then feed that list of ids into a loop action which would fire a automation command for each list value.
So using that loop command fire an automation command executed to print by ticket ID to a pdf printer.

Awesome! I’ll give that a try, thanks for the help!

I’m guessing I’ll probably not get it working on the first try, so I’ll post how my actions/rules/automation commands are all setup to have a second set of eyes point out my mistakes later today.