Export Daily Sales as Text File with fixed-length fields data


I would like to export daily sales in a text format with standard file naming convention (with incremental value).

Also the data in the file required to follow a fixed-length field. So 100 needs to be displayed as 00000100.00 in the text file.

This is for integration with a mall

Anyone can point to a direction?


Anyone can help out in this? Anyone can do a paid customization on this?

Here is a good starting point, use Data Exports feature

Using an Action and Rule you can automate this and set the filename to a unique or incremental value like you need. First step is getting the format right and I suggest you look at the topic above for that. Saving the file is straightforward.

If you want paid support you should really post an Ad in the Ads category, however feel free to send me a PM and we can discuss if need be.