Export whole menu items for testing purposes

Hi I am trying to export the whole menu items in Samba POS to another POS for testing purposes, is there a way to migrate this info automatically or does it has to be done manually?

Thanks in advance!

Sambapos does not currently support migrating to other pos systems. It does use MS SQL so if you want to contact the other POS maker and see if it can do something with the SQL database you could try that.

Or do you mean other terminal also running SambaPOS? If so you can use the database backup module and backup then restore the database on the new machine. Alternatively if you dont want to buy the module you can use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to perform the backup and restore.

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I wanna do some testing purposes with another POS software, so then my question here is, where is the menu list or the DB located into samba, co I can extract it and then export it, using a DB client?

Thanks in advance!

Depends on which database type you installed when starting.
By default will be SQL localDB I think so youll need SQL Management Studio and connect to LocalDB

I did instal Samba by defaul process and steps, but I believe also DBVisualizer can be use, but anyway, finding the DB oof Samba I can work with tha, thanks and will let you know any of my findings!