Exporting Customer Information

Hi Guys,

Please is it possible for me to export customer details from Samba 4 into Samba 5. I did the upgrade but was nit satisfied. So i want o re-recreate a fresh database but i need my customer details in the new database.
please kindly assist of its possible.

You can batch create entities, id sugest exporting from updated v5 version as that would give you custom reports for the export, sure there is a csv export report template on forum. You may need to rejig wither the report or the csv in excel to fit batch create format.

Can you please advise on the exporting customer details
i have the syntax as per below but i cant get the Road No. in the preview or report.
Entity Capture

Dont duplicate your posts, wont get you quicker answers.

Apologies, I noticed the post was very old and thought it wouldn’t be noticed.