Exporting Sales CSV Figure - Samba 4 Database


I’ve got an SQL samba database backup. I want someone to load it on their SQL server. Export the sales CSV file via Samba and send me that.

Let me know if anyone can help with that.

I can do that for you. Send me a message with the database and what you need exported.

Hello! I’m still looking for some help with this :slight_smile:

You already got a reply from @Posflow, did you contact him about this?

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@markjw already gave him SQL tables in CSV format but he wanted exact same replica of V4 CSV export for sales.

I didnt want to go out of my way to create the exact same replica and charge him for this when he can do it simply by installing V4 on his computer. His database is V4 so its still possible to do it.

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Ah yes I remember V4 had a sales export to CSV, it’s so long since I used V4 now.


Haha yes i know its a basic requirement but I’m currently working on a Mac these days and don’t have the resources or time to setup SQL on a Macbook.

Is that literally all you want?
I’ve got v4 on my laptop still, if you just need the default export from you backup PM me you backup and will sort tonight.


Yes that’s it! Sending you a PM.