Exposing SambaPOS services externally via webservices?

Nearly 4 years running SambaPOS without an incident! Great software and great community! :slight_smile:

Because we are paying huge percentages to third party delivery vendors (Seamless/Grubhub) I’m considering writing a web app so customers may place orders for pickup/delivery online from our website. Benefits:

  • Forfeit less fees to third parties
  • Allow the restaurant to keep contact info and market directly to their customers
  • Control user experience

I’d like to use the sambaPOS database for access to menu items, ticketing, and any customer support that’s needed. Since this will likely be hosted on an external website, an API that exposes those services (get menu item, get price, new ticket, etc) via web service (JSON?) would be ideal.

Are there any plans in V5 to do this? Of course I would make whatever I build available to the community.


It’s a nice suggestion to be made, however you need a really strong security (Web based) to avoid any leak, and any type of spam, It’s a medium difficulty project to do, I don’t see a downside from my end.
I’m pretty sure it “can’t” be available in V5, but in future on as a downloadable add-on, yeah, in SambaMarket for example, why not

Good luck.

It’s an active discussion in v5 and I’m confident we will find a solution with v5