Expression problem with a report

I am trying to filter the Deliverers list just to the active deliveres ((EC.Deliverers.Mostrar=Yes)) so I can change that during week days… but I cannot figure out how to filter it…

@{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:E.Name.asc:(ET=Deliverers) AND (EC.Deliverers.Mostrar=Yes)::{0}:,}

[Taxas $1:1,3, 2, 2, 2]
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketNumber,EN.Bairro,EC.Customers.Distance,EC.Bairros.Taxa,EC.Bairros.TaxaExtra:(TEN.Deliverer=$1)}
SubTotal|||R$ {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EC.Bairros.Taxa.Sum:(TEN.Deliverer=$1)}|R$ {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EC.Bairros.TaxaExtra.Sum:(TEN.Deliverer=$1)}
>Total $1||||R$ [=F(TN('{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EC.Bairros.Taxa.Sum:(TEN.Deliverer=$1)}')+TN('{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EC.Bairros.TaxaExtra.Sum:(TEN.Deliverer=$1)}'),'0.00')]

Thanks and for sure this has been explained but could not find it…


So your using the wrong logic then. If your wanting to use comparative logic you could try

@{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:E.Name.asc:(ET=Deliverers) && Entity.GetCustomData("Mostrar").contains("Yes")::{0}:,}
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shoot… I should have known… da@#$@%#$%@#$ed



Let me know if that works I have not tried it. It seems to me like it should.

it did not work… LOL…

Hmm ok let me try some things.

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its getting data from wich entity, should we define it anywhere?


Well the report you showed isnt requiring a specific entity… it was listing them… is that not what you wanted? You already defined the Entity Type.

PS You sure its not working? Do you have any Entities with Yes for that data right now?

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It works fine for me…


its working great…



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