Extra Option to include order tag quantity in Max Selected Items

I have come across the need for this request after trying to implement ‘Mapping Order Tags to Portions’

This is a great feature that can help reduce user error, and currently I’m trying to implement this on my SET BR product.

My SET BR product has 3 Portions. 5 Items, 7 Items and 10 Items.

This is because we allow our customers to able to make up their own breakfast and we apply a set price for the portions, i.e Up to 5 Items 5.50, up to 7 Items 5.95, up to 10 Items 6.95.

Where errors can occur: sometimes users enter 7 Items and forget to change the portion to 7 Items hence undercharging the customer.

With this great new feature introduced in v4.1.23. This gave me hope of a fix.

So I created 3 order tags Set Br 5 Items, Set Br 7 Items and Set Br 10 Items and set the ‘Max Selected Items’.

However, I came across a small problem which I’m hoping we can find a solution for.

I have managed to restrict the items to the required quantity but order tags that can have a multiple selection are not accounted for. i.e if customer orders 3 x E, 2 x S, this is already 5 items but we can still enter 3 more items. See:

Is it possible to have a option to include multiple hit order tags in the Max Selected Items?

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I’ve implemented it but I want to test it more tomorrow so I’ll release it on next update [4.1.26]

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I just realised when switching between portions the count is reset, which in return could again cause user error and undercharging.

In the beginning you do not know how many items the customer will be ordering so the chances are you will be leaving the portion on 5 Items, So if I input i.e 2 x E, 3 x S and then switch to 7 Items to add more, I am then able to add a additional 7 Items.

Hope you can include this in your next implementation. Eagerly anticipating this new great feature :smile:


OK what really SambaPOS does is hiding order tag groups that does not mapped to portion. Since all order tag groups have individual Max Quantity configuration we should select correct portion at first place. However you are right. In the beginning we might not know how many items will be ordered … It seems you just need a single order tag group that mapped to all portions but different max selected items configuration for each portion.

Okay I will revert back to one order tag group and hopefully we can then set the max quantity against the portions. This does make more sense.

Min Items have the same issue. We need a nice idea here instead of alternating settings for each portion.

I’ve added Order Tag Count and Order Tag Quantity values to Order Tagged event so we can create rules for certain selection counts to update prices. I’ll be happy if you can try if we can implement it that way on next release.

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@emre or @JohnS

I might need a little guidance on setting this one up, not quite sure how. Do i keep the portions as is or remove them and set rules to auto calculate price depending on quantity?

This may solve your problem SambaPOS 4.1.26 Released

Hi @JohnS

Unfortunately changing portions resets the count and still leaves room for error.

Emre kindly suggested a better solution by:

 `Order Tag Count` and `Order Tag Quantity` values to `Order Tagged` event so we can create rules for certain selection counts to update prices.

I need a bit of assistance setting the rules for this?

So I have a product called SET BR and a order tag called Set Br Items and basically we want to set a rule to automatically price this product based on order tag quantity.

Up to 5 Items 5.50
Up to 7 Items 5.95
Up to 10 Items 6.95

Hello @Isaac. I’ve created a sample for you.

promotionsnew_test.zip (125.4 KB)

Check how Bacon and Tomato order tags works.

I think I solved it, but would be interested to see how you did yours.


I had 3 actions and 3 rules. In yours you had 1 action and 6 rules.

Both work the same, but I think I will go with yours anyway. :smile:

Thanks again, this is a awesome feature no more undercharging, and no room for user error.

Great Feature, this POS just gets better and better.

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I now see why you had a 6 rules, when un-tagging the price was not reducing.

When you add 10 Items and remove one item the price drops back to 5.50

same thing is happening on your demo you sent me.



Please put me out of my misery.

i.e if I add 6 items and then hit remove and take one item out the price does not revert back to 5.50

another example: if I add 9 items and then remove 2 items the price does not go back to 5.95

I tried loads of things and just confused, any ideas?

Yes it seems I also have to send tag counts for remove button :slight_smile: That will work fine for next update and thanks for reporting.

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As of v4.1.28, working as expected, thank you very much.

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