Extremely poor performance using Payment Processors

I’m having extremely poor performance where payment screen takes 7 seconds or more to load when I add payment processors to the payment types.

This is running on typical POS hardware - Win POSReady 7, Intel Atom D525 CPU, 2Gb RAM, 32Gb SSD. Using SQL LocalDB. SambaPOS v5.1.56.

Payment screen

All payment types except Cash and Customer Credit have 2 payment processors setup:

Ask Payment Confirmation (setup via Configuration Tasks)
Add Limit

If I remove Add Limit from all of the payment types, the payment screen loads in about 2 seconds.

If I remove all payment processors, the payment screen loads almost instantaneously.

I would like to be able to use payment processors, however right now it is impossible because the time to load the payment screen on each transaction is unacceptable.

Below are videos of each scenario:

Both Add Limit & Ask Payment Confirmation on ~7 second load time

Only Ask Payment Confirmation on ~2 second load time

No payment processors on loads almost instantaneously

@emre if you can investigate I’d be much appreciated. Thanks. :smile:

Fixed now in 5.1.57, thanks :smile:

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