Facing problem in adjusting bill template format

i am trying to align the bill template but i its not aligning. we have try to play around but no use.

  >   ` [LAYOUT]
      -- General layout
    <J00>Service:{USER NAME}|People: {TICKET TAG:People}
   <J>Table: {ENTITY NAME:Table}
      [<J00>|Amount:|   ${PLAIN TOTAL}]
      [<J00>|Total Gift:|   ${ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}]
        [<J00>|TOTAL:|   ${TICKET TOTAL}]
        [<J00>|{TICKET TAG:CCtype}]
        [<J00>|Tendered Total:|   ${TENDERED TOTAL}]
        [<J00>|Balance:|   ${CHANGE TOTAL}]
        <J>Order Number: {TICKET NO}
           <C00>PLEASE COME AGAIN
            <J00>|{TAX NAME}:|   ${TAX AMOUNT}
         <J00> |{PAYMENT NAME}:|   ${PAYMENT AMOUNT}
            [<J00>|{CHANGE TOTAL}]
          -- Default format for orders
          <J00>{QUANTITY}     {NAME}|   ${TOTAL AMOUNT}
            {ORDER TAGS}
          -- Format for gifted orders
         <L00>{QUANTITY}   {NAME}  **GIFT**
        {ORDER TAGS}
          -- Nothing will print for void lines
          [ORDER TAGS]
          -- Format for order tags
            -- <J00>  * {ORDER TAG NAME}
           -- Customer entity format
           <C00>Customer: {ENTITY NAME} 
             <C00>Balance: $[=F(0-TN('{ENTITY Balance}'))
          -- Customer entity format
            <C00>Layby: {ENTITY NAME} 
           <C00>Balance: $[=F(0-TN('{ENTITY Balance}'))
           [ENTITIES:Gift Certificate]
           -- Customer entity format
            <C00>Gift Certificate: {ENTITY NAME} 
            <C00>Balance: $[=F(0-TN('{ENTITY Balance}'))
            <QR>{ENTITY NAME}

if bill pay by CC then its display aligned

and if i remove the CC tag from template
>[|{TICKET TAG:CCtype}]
then it aligns properly

i spend so much time playing around with the template
now i have achieved alignement

Unfortunately can’t see all the code in your template.
You need to select the code and click the <> button in the post editor before posting as the forum will strip some of the code.

However have you changed the font?
Questions like this seem to always relate to using a non-fixed width font.

what do u mean by non fixed width font

i manage to get it aligned after alot of playing with the spacing

If you have sorted don’t worry.
I was referring to changing the ticket font, have seen many questions relating to spacing and alignment which were a result of using a non fixed width font.

by changing the ticket font you mean using xct command in template

Have not changed font myself but believe that is one way to change font.
Example would be a and i on fixed with

i a i a i a
a i a i a i

Not fixed;
i a i a i a
a i a i a i

Can you see the difference, i takes less space than a.