Fail open SambaPOS after open db files in SQL server management studio

I installed SambaPOS V5 on a computer (I selected SQLServer 2014).
About running a script to import some data, I copy both files mdf and ldf to another computer about running my script (I did not install SQLserver on the same computer as it is not powerfull enough).

Once I did my change, I put back my files on my POS computer, but when I run the app, I fail and on the log file, I see this:
Cannot open database “SambaPOS5” requested by the login, The login failed.

I did that about a year ago and it was working (not on this computer though).

Can the issue be because I open the file on a SQLServer 2016?
Or maybe because I use the Windows authentication when I open this file?

If you attached the DB to SQL Server 2016, they will no longer work with SQL Server 2014. You have to use 2016 with that DB from now on.

Your best bet would to use another PC and install SQL Server 2014, import the MDF and LFD and then upgrade to SQL Server 2016. Then you can export the MDF and LFD back to the POS.

@markjw, you are right,when I open the DB on SQL server 2016, it will convert it which make it not usable anymore by SambaPOS.

So I did install a SQLServer 2014 to run my scripts and it works perfectly now.

Thnaks all

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Alternatively you could also update the localdB on those terminals to 2016 if you really wanted to use latest SQL version.

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