Fail-over printer

Hi emre,
Is there a printer fail-over functionality? If not, it would be nice to have.

For example, my friend used to operate a restaurant. Their kitchen had 4 receipt printers. Normally, the receipts would be directed to the appropriate printer. But if one printer is dead or offline, the POS automatically reroutes the receipts to the second printer (if the second dies, then it goes to the third etc, and so forth). Even though now the wrong department is receiving receipts, two objectives are served:

  1. the chefs will immediately learn of the printer failure and can let the manager know.
  2. receipts, although now they need some sorting back to the appropriate department, still go through continuously, meaning that the restaurant can still operate albeit in reduced efficiency mode

I think this feature would increase the robustness of the software, making it more attractive to potential and existing users.