'Fast Cash' Tax Button

Hello Again. Can I add a ‘Add Tax’ button to my ‘fast cash’ section? AND if I can, can I assign it to select certain items/lines on that order??

Doubtful using actual taxes.
You could probably do this using calculations and a order based report expression to calculate the amount.
Maybe if you explained what you need to achive there is a better solution.
It seems odd to have what items are taxed as a manual processes as taxes will be based on fixed senarios like what products/orders and eatin or takeout etc which is typically achived through mappings as used on taxes for that very reason.
What your describing means if staff didnt sleect tax button tax wouldnt be charged which seems very odd to me.

The POS is for a Senior Center and Tax is not (generally) charged. However younger people will come in, and that’s where id like to have an ‘add tax key’ #1. and ideally, it would be nice to select ‘that persons’ order on the screen to ad tax to and not others.