Fast food automation

Hi team,
I have a fast food outlet where I have an agreement with four passenger ferrying companies who ferry customers to and from two cities.

The deal Is that the drivers of these vehicles to have a stop over at my joint whenever they are enroute, I take advantage of the hungry and thirsty customers who happily buy from the outlet and In return I give drivers free water, food and airtime to load their mobile phones.

These companies have different vehicles with different carring capacities ie

  1. Bus
  2. 18 seater
  3. 14 seater
  4. 11 seater and
  5. 7 seater

I need a system to capture
(a) Drivers name
(b) Name of the sacco
(c) vehicle Number plate
(d) driver phone number
Remember a driver can change the vehicle which has different carrying capacity.

There is a way I have designed a control measure to maximise profits and do away with fraud
Among waiters/servers.

A 7 seater Driver orders Food which we serve them for free,
(i) if the food value is less or equal to 100, he/she should get airtime scratch card worth 200.
(ii) if the food value is greater than 100 0r equal to 200 get airtime scratch card worth 150
(iii) if the value of food is greater than 200, receive airtime worth 200.

Then the rest of the scenario is as follows for bus driver, 18 seater 14 seater and 11 seater irregardless of the food they take.

(iv) Bus driver to get credit of 400 and 2 bottles of 1itre of water
(v) 18 seater driver gets 300 airtime and 1 litre bottle of water
(vi) 14 seater driver gets 200 airtime and 500ml bottle of water
(vii) 11 seater driver gets 200 airtime and 500ml bottle of water
Please give a guideline to solve this

All of the things you listed are possible with Samba.

A few questions:

  • Does the driver have to use all the free items that day? Or can can the driver accumulate items to be redeemed later?
  • Do you need the captured information to be on all the tickets of the customers tickets that the driver brings in? Or just one the drivers ticket?
  • What kind of reports would you like to generated?

I think it copy paste from his client and he just not to do any work himself then ask community to do free work for the reseller