Fast Food Delivery System & Eat-in Setup

Hi All.

I Need Some help with setting up a system for my new takeaway. Here is a background on the business and also few bits on what i want done.

We are currently Running on Emre’s Custom Delivery setup. However, Due to lack of time. I am not able to reconfigure or setup new system. I am not fluent as some of you guys on this. hence why time is kinda the issue. So here are some details:

Our core business is delivery. So the system will need postcode search for UK, Customer Database, Previous Order History were possible with maybe notes log of conversations & Complaints ect. We already have account setup with google for the api.

We already have caller id feature and also usb zoom modem for the samba pos caller id display feature which we have used before and would like to re-use this for the next setup too.

I Would like a FIXED Price on this setup and not a subscription. You are welcome to come instore to set it up. OR do this via Remote session.
We are based in London, Camden.

I Can install any os for the server if required to make life easier, as working with DataCenter is alot harder and has alot of complications.
I Dont Require payment terminal connected to samba-pos as we already have a seperate system in place for this.

Current System Setup:

Main Server:

Intel Xeon 16 Core
32Gb Ram
Server 2016 DataCenter

2 X J2 Epos Systems running on windows Pos Enabled. ( Both connected to main server)
2 80mm Thermal Printers (1 in FOH and 1 in Kitchen)
1 x Cash Till with RJ45
2 X Zoom Usb Caller ID (only 1 is being currently used)

Things thats important and needed as basic setup:

1: custom logo on pos screen of company

2: Orders Logs

  • Comprehensive customer management database
  • Searchable customer database
  • Customer history is attached to each profile
  • Customer order dispatch text notifications & Alerts

3: Dashboard & Product reports:

  • custom End of day sales reporting with Cash / Card / online / Web services ect separations and category
  • x reporting,
  • end of day z report

4: Menu input: Normal Menu / Lunch / Breakfast (Recipes I can Input later for inventory)

  • Quick Menu Modifiers eg: Portion Sizes, Flavours, Extras

5: Table management - A colour-coded floor plan: easy-view & easy-use

  • Table Layout with nice graphics ( Only 8 Tables)
  • Customer Status Indicators: which course, awaiting bill etc.
  • Split bills, by number of people or payment methods
  • Discount by percentage or amount

6: Caller ID display with customer info

  • Address and order history
  • caller identification
  • auto-complete address entry and delivery areas defined by drawing on a Google map.
  • Customer Catagory eg: Normal, Vegan, Vegiterian ect:
  • Facility to have multipul telephone numbers ect.

7: Kitchen Printing and FOH (Front Of House) Printing

  • All Delivery receipt should include customer contact details and also special instructions section for comments ect.
  • Apply Before/After discounts
  • Optional service charge facility for tipping

8: Multiple payment methods/split payments

  • Complete accountability for cash, credit, tips and coupons with an easy checkout process.
  • Customer Statements
  • Returns, refunds and store credit / Vouchers features

9: Delivery mapping and driving directions on google map ect:

  • Delivery, Collection and Eat in orders at one touch
  • Switch between delivery and collection orders
  • Multiple addresses to same customer
  • Delivery charge by mileage or postcode area
  • Order Tracking – Orders are labeled with the customer name and phone number at the pos station, marked with the elapsed time,
  • POS system should also offer an alarm feature that identifies all orders that aren’t out the door within a specific amount of time.
  • Ability to flag overdue deliveries and late delivers. on the dispatch screen it should alert you when you’re late.
  • Automatic order confirmations and dispatch alerts let customers know you’re on your way - and loyalty rewards turn them into regulars.
  • event pop-up reminders so they don’t forget the 2-liters drinks and napkins ect.
  • delivery fees, valid times, minimum order requirements - even ban trouble customers from future deliveries.

10: Marketting

  • Ability to push text notifications, Emails of offers to customers based on catagories, customer selections, regular customers ect…
    ( Would welcome suggestions of platofrm for text messages ect)
  • Meal deals, happy hours, buy 1 get one free. Setup your own custom promotions and track them easily.

11: Customer loyalty scheme

  • Point System based on order value which automatically adds the points and offers customers discount, offers, promos ect.
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Nice to see a nice detailed request for once :slight_smile:
I can’t help at the minute personally but would recommend @markjw who is another UK based reseller you will most likely be familier with on the forum.


Thanks JTR. its better to give a good over-view of it all so that i no what to expect… and also the person whom will be willing to do all this also knows aswell.