Fast Menu Portions



I have fast menu buttons configured like this :


I have three different price tariffs, and i’m using Update Setting Portion to select the double attribute of a product or the half pint attribute when these buttons are pressed prior to a menu item being selected. The trouble is, when i’m on a different price tariff it only selects the normal price’s double or half pint option and not the current price tariffs option.

Is there any way to make this select the current price based on the tariff? My Price lists change on triggers.



Show the update order action that’s doing the portion change




That has price tag fixed in action. So it changes all to weekend price?


Yep, is there a way of me creating rules for each price point, so Update Selection Double that executes if price tariff is Weekend, then another copy of the rule that executes if the price tariff is Evening linked to copies of the actions with the relevant price definition selected?

Thanks for your help


Don’t put a value and it should leave it. Or use square brackets to make a fireld within rule and maybe try a curly tag for price tag to see if it can be dynamic set.


Thanks JTR, can’t seem to get either option working :frowning:


It’s hard without seeing your setup, all we have is a single order added rule.


I’l post some screenshots of the rules and actions later if you have time to have a look at some point :slight_smile: I’l just update it manually every night until I can work something out. Thanks


I sorted it by having one Order Added To Ticket triggering the half pint/double button for each price list definition and using {DATE:HHmm}