Fast Order [Most Ordered] Menu Category


I think it would be a great idea to add a menu category that automatically populates with the most sold items for the last month. I manually do this and call it quick order, it cuts down our order time by around 30% at the register and I think it would be a brilliant feature to have dynamically update.

How often does you most popular items change based on a monthly selection??
Daily i could maybe understand if your a busy bar and end up with a group having the same rounds etc but not sure I see the value in a dynamic one like that.
I know for a fact our most popular items changes very little and when it does its only over time as phases come and go of a particular shot or something.
I would challenge a 30% speed increase :stuck_out_tongue: I find the best thing for improved speed is obviously less clicks which may yours would help with but more than that is a organised consistent layout. if buttons start moving and changing your making the staff scan/search for buttons which is the biggest time killer I always try and avoid.
When I used to work on the bar I kept the layout and positions constant on purpose as after time can use the till almost without looking. same a touch typing… having things moving arround and changing counters that.

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Totally agree with @JTRTech,
If it keep changing, staffs will ignore that part completely after few times trying to find it and it never there.

Hand picked and fixed most popular items I think is the best.

I think it still may be a great option - it depends on the place. For us (coffee shop) this works because for example in fall our pumpkin spice gets popular and it gradually goes up. Same with capps and lattes. Our drinks change popularity gradually over a month. I’ve found for us it really does result in a huge speed increase. I can see how at a bar or full service this may not be ideal.

We had that for V2 :slight_smile: For empty categories it was displaying most sold items for last 7 days.

Nobody used it so I removed that. Waiters does not prefer this category to find items. They can already find most selling items even without thinking. It is hard to find rarely sold items so we improved search functions.

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Thank you - that sounds fair, if we it was tried and nobody wanted it that makes sense. I appreciate everyone taking the time to reply, SambaPOS is the best!