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Help please the £10 fast pay button does not show change when pressed. This is only on till 2, till 1 all work, don’t know where to look.

I’m not here to answer your question but to judge your question…

You should upload some screenshots of the issue, as well as your automation, action and rules… so the pros can assist.

Hi @moomooboy I am new to Sambapos and not sure where to even look. The till was set up for us. Any help where to look as it is only the £10 button on till 2 which does not show the change amount when pressed.

First look at automation command rules. You’ll have to trace the flow to workout where they set the change message in the flow.
It could just be in sequence on command or it could be on payment processed or even ticket close events. It’s hard to say go
Tom just what you have said.

Cheers @JTRTech I will have a look to see if I can see anything if not will take some pictures and post.

Best to ask @JTRTech, he had some mad videos :wink:

on how to create $5 $10 $15 $20 buttons… that will assist you in resolving your simple issue!

@snowey26 so your saying the buttons work just fine on one till but on a specific till the same buttons are not working correctly? That sounds like a mapping issue. If this is the case can you install Anydesk and I can connect to it and fix it for you fairly quickly.

Hi @Jesse Any desk is installed on main computer does it need to be on tablet as well.

Anydesk needs to be on the terminal your having issues with preferably. If not I can take a look at the main computer. You can PM me the anydesk ID do not put it in here for public to see.

@Jesse anydesk open on tablet.

If you are ok with me connecting to the laptop right now just PM me the anydesk id I can take a look at it for you.

Ok we resolved it. Couple issues one whoever configured it used {Tickettotal} which is invalid as a constraint. Second it was not working because the action to pay the ticket had no value in it. So it was in fact not even paying the ticket.


I think snowey is one of the customers conned by the zepos lot. No suppose the config is less than perfect.

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Hi @Jesse thank you so much for your help today. Both tills worked great. We were one of the unfortunate ones to be ripped off by Zepos. It has cost our small cricket club a lot to get to where we are know. This club is brilliant.
Many thanks again.

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