Fast Payment Button for Account - Enable State

I would like to make a fast payment button for customer account.
I would like to set an enabled state to mimic the account button on settle screen - ie if entity has an account created…
Have the button and it works is account available but am not sure what to use for a constraint/expression to check is entity has an account?
Plan would be to set either entity state at some point or ticket state on entity selection based on if account is available but no idea what to key to to create this rule…
Any suggestions?

He @JTRTech

This is the one I use Customer Accounts:

Take what you need from that.


FFS pretty obvious once pointed out LOL

@JTRTech could you share you rule and actions for your account payment button you made?

To what end, can’t remember which setup this question was for?

Your fast payment account button, I want an auto command button that will settle ticket to the account of the customer entity assigned to the ticket as i don’t use the payment screen at all

Hmmmm, I think mine was for PMS integration so it didn’t actually post to samba pos entity account it checked if entity data had PMS account posted to that and just used a general room post payment type.