Feature Request - Prefix

Hi all,

For our pizza POS, i’d like to add two prefix’s … “NO” and “EXTRA”

Each of the order tags has a default cost that is added to the base cost when that item is selected.
Obviously, if the NO prefix is selected, we don’t want the price changed - this works fine.

But if we select the “extra” prefix - i’d like the price increase to be applied, this doesn’t seem to occur.
Is there any way to make this happen ?

@emre as a feature request, could the prefixes have a toggle that allows for the cost to either be increased or not for the order tag ?

This is not a feature request. I have changed the category to V5 Question, since the functionality already exists. V5 Request is for new feature requests, if you had done a search on the forum you would have found out how to do this already…

See the tutorial below, it covers exactly what you ask for. Check the example about “Double Ketchup”, it is also what you want to do about having your EXTRA prefixes with a price.

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@markjw, thankyou for that, however this is a feature request.

Following that convention, we would need to re write every single order tag - with a pizza where we have about 40 different options, that becomes a management nightmare.

It would be very simply to add a flag to the prefix to include price or not include the price… Surely that would be far simpler from a usability and management perspective ?

If you wanted to be really clever, you could also allow this field to be a formula or like so you could half the normal tag price, or double it etc etc.

The way the current system works is fine if you have a small number of prefixes and tags, if you have a large amount, it is not workable… hence the feature request.

I understand what you mean, but what you suggest is not scalable and that’s why it is build the way it is as this gives the most flexibility.

In the way you suggest, it’s ok when you have a NO (without price) and EXTRA (with price), but how about if someone has 3 prefixes and one order tag can have either no price or 2 other prices, your solution would not work for that, however the current solution does.

I know it’s a lot to setup first time, however for a pizza toppings, you should only have to setup your toppings modifier once then map to all the product groups / products. I assume you are doing that way, right?

So if you have 40 different toppings, yes you need to add 40 more to handle the EXTRA, sounds a lot but it’s not really, maybe 10 mins work if you copy & paste. You know while you are editing, you can copy & paste the order tags first (even it won’t let you save because of duplicate names) then you just copy & paste “EXTRA “ in front of each one - can do quickly with keyboard. I’m used to setting this type of thing up so have found all the shortcuts to doing quickly.

Hope that helps.


Hi @markjw,

just wanted to revisit this question if you don’t mind. I’m guessing that i may have my ordertags setup inefficiently. If there is a better way of doing it, then I’d love your advice.

The products we have order tags on are Pizza’s and Pasta’s normally. And each pizza has a small, medium and large portion, and each pasta has an entre and main portion size.

The order tags have different prices depending on the portion size. i.e adding mushrooms to a small pizza should cost 50c extra, adding mushrooms to a medium pizza is $1 extra, etc, which means i have 5 different groups with the set of order tags that i need to maintain. Hence my reluctance to them duplicate them again for prefixes.

Is there a better way of doing this ?

No the way he explained is how you would set this up. 5 groups is very small. It really shouldn’t take you much time to set that up. Using Copy paste is your friend.

Every pizza shop is different but I see a lot of them do pricing for 1 topping, 2 topping, 3 topping, 4 topping etc and the actual toppings are all non priced. Some premium toppings might be priced with a static extra fee.

So you would have portion price, Topping Price then just add the topping order tags… 1 group to maintain for toppings, and 1 group for choosing how many toppings.


7.99 for Large 3 topping.

In system it would be 5.99 for large portion, 2.00 for 3 topping order tag, 0 for sausage order tag, 0 for pepperoni order tag, 1.00 for smoked brisket order tag.

receipt would have total of 8.99.

Would read 7.99 for 3 topping large +1.00 for 1x premium topping.

There are so many ways to configure a pizza shop. Its almost endless.

You’re not the first one to ask for this feature. I really think it should be implemented somehow.

One of the staff members asked if I could add another prefix to an Order Tag Group once before.
I told him that wasn’t gonna happen.

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Its a nice idea… but given how SambaPOS works how should it be implemented? It could create even more complexity. Lets hash it out and see how it would work.

Provided a relative difference a portion price multiplier or supliment?

Could it be as simple as search for an existing matching prefix combination in the order tag list and if not found applying the the price multiplier / forumla field if that is filled in. So logic would be:

New Prefix formula field.
If field is empty, do nothing.
If field is not empty, validate entry
If entry is valid, check for matching prefix / tag combination.
If found, ignore entry
if not found, apply entry.

Would that work ?

I think that over complicates something thats already working. We really would need to see use cases that everyone can use.

What we really need is the ability to map prefixes. Hmmm

So is there an easy way to copy and paste all order tags in the group so I can quickly add prefixes to them ? Or is one by one the only way.

One by one atm. Is the only way.

You can clone Order Tag Groups. Just right click the group then select “Clone Order Tag Group” from the context menu.

Like this…

You can set up like this also, no need for prefixes…

This has 2 groups for extra toppings - for 11 inch and 14 inch. Then a single group for NO toppings. The groups are identical with order tag names except for the price and then the portion mapping, therefore when you change portion, the price changes automatically.

Doing this way is better IMHO because it lets you have multiple of the same extra topping (i.e. Double Pepperoni). If you use Prefixes, you cannot have multiple of the same order tag.

The mappings are setup for * Products and the Portion is set to corresponding portion sizes.

I have some additional automation to stop NO being added at the same time as an extra topping, you can see it working altogether here: