[New 4.1.18] Order Tag Prefixes

I’m happy to announce Order Tag prefixing feature for next release.

On Order Tag Group configuration screen we have a new tab called Prefix List

You can enter desired prefixes here and configure button colors if needed.

So a new row of Prefix buttons will appear on top of tag buttons.

I’ll click No and Onion buttons sequentially.

Onion button caption changes to No Onion and order gets tagged as No Onion.

Clicking No Onion button once more removes tag.

It is also possible to enter prices for individual tags.

As you’ve noticed we can also configure colors for individual tags. This is also a new feature.

If you need to enter a price for a Prefixed tag you only need to add it as a regular tag and sort tags to bring prefixed tags under under non-prefixed tag. Instead of a complex configuration I’ve created a convention here. As you’ll notice Double Ketchup tag won’t appear as an individual tag button on tag selector screen. This is because this tags starts with a Prefix. It appears when we click Double and Ketchup buttons.


Brilliant implementation.

wow emre, i cant thank you enough for this. this is awsome

dear @emre

Did version of 4.1.18 already release ? in download page the latest version is 4.1.17

4.1.18 has not been released yet.
Just some tutorials in readiness.

I made the Prefixes buttons and its great,There is only one issue
Why must click on Prefixe Button before selecting Order Tag???
Is there a way to tap Order Tag Without entering the Prefixe Button When not needed???