File Monitor is Broken

@emre help!

I started to recheck this today and fore some reason FileMon does not work anymore!!! I have not changed anything except upgrade to V.1.60?

Device does not fire so Automation is not even triggered.
Going to need urgent help here…



No Contraints - no Life!

Can confirm now onsite and File Monitor fails to load into the Samba Presentation UI for Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard as well :worried:

File Monitor is not included in default SambaPOS setup. Did you copied it to all machines?

Yes @emre first thing I did was place a copy into the Program DIR and check File & User permissions?

Did you compiled it yourself? Can you send me that file? Is it the first time you’re testing it with 5.1.60?

Using the file originally from the Thread I think sukasem’s edition compiled 4/4/2016. So this edition has been working fine BUT the first time I have tested in V.5.1.60.

Have PM’d the file.

File you sent me does not seems to register an event named File Monitor Triggered. Are you sure it is the correct file?

let me check that again.

@pauln can you point me to the post you downloaded it from?

@pauln I need to compile it to see if it working fine or not but I’m not sure if you’re using sukasem’s or qmckay’s. Can you point me the post you downloaded it from so I can find the correct source code.

Sorry @emre deep creating $120,000 of Bar Credits! I will find the link now…

According to the Settings dialog, i looks like mine.

Yes I think you are right! I started here:

BUT I remember asking you @QMcKay at some stage had you changed it at all at a certain point but still trying to find that!

Source and compiled version are here …

Where the link for that Q as it may job my memory but I know I only have been using 1 version. You right Suk’s version had limited dialogue boxes.

OK. I’m checking it.

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Can you check this one? (6.8 KB)

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Just trying to “unblock” the file - ARH need to dial into office and download onto XP machine then transfer back to site.

NO Luck @emre, have removed the constraint and the Event not being hit? Did you get it working?

Yes I installed 5.1.60 and it works with 5.1.60 too. I’m reuploading it again to ensure I sent the correct file. (6.9 KB)

The file you sent me not worked for me too so I recompiled it. I don’t know the exact reason but I remember I made some changes while moving libraries for graphql and that may break references. The file I sent should solve the issue.

For further updates I can include @QMcKay’s version to default install on 5.1.61


Ok @emre, are you using Windows 10?

It late, dark at the Club we go live tomorrow morning and I still have about 4-5 hours to go so I think I will call it quits and drive home to my office to restart. I will test tomorrow after I complete all the Clubs data…

Yes I’m using Windows 10 but it doesn’t matter.