Fill out Custom Entity Fields via Action Prompt

I managed to create it the other day… cant seem to do it anymore and ive since lost that database…

I just wanna fill in the custom entity fields… and its annoying cos I managed to do it last weeeeeeeek


Bizzarely its cut the bottom off

value = [?Name Of Parent]

Umm… what is this? You cannot do this …

Why not?

That actually works… It creates a new entity in my entity type with the prompt name!

Craziness. You are using a [?prompt] in a Constraint. That makes no sense to me.

How would I go about that then? I want it to select the entity at the same time.

I also need a prompt for all the custom fields too which as I said, I managed to create last week… but for the life of me cant do it now!

OK I was using the wrong rule oops

however, it wont load the entity



Actions are different… used the wrong one in rule… even shows this in the screenshots!

The only issue with Change ticket entity action is that you cant create an account if you need to.

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Yeah don’t need to have an account as it’s on preponderance.