Fingerprint login system

This is not a tutorial or a question, it’s a feature request. Samba will be more useful if it has a fingerprint login feature

I would guess this would work no differently to swipe cards or RFID fobs if your fingerprint reader can map prints to a number/password.

So in saying that, there should be nothing to implement in SambaPOS.


Sure this was asked before.
As Q said RFID, Barcode and MSR are all HID/keyboard type devices which just enter a value quickly same as if typed in keybaord.
I have not tried but sure it was commented that most fingerprint type devices run their own software for prints and translate those to a serial/number similar to the above.
The other key point there is that i believe most devices rely on a propriotory app/software to translate prints to ‘id’ with print data stored on the computer rather than device. This makes directly intergration tricky as each device will be different, they don’t act like HID as above since the device doesn’t process the ‘id’ of the print but the software. However if the software emulates a keyboard then it shouldn’t be issue anyway provided there is the ability to suffix the I’d with return to enter after ‘typing’ the I’d/value of the user/print

From past experience, all the fingerprint devices I’ve seen need to be integrated into the POS software, they usually come with an SDK or you have to buy it separately (for an expensive price…).

While it would be nice, I doubt there is much demand for this because the setup won’t be straightforward. Maybe SambaPOS can release a paid module to support some devices in the future if demand was high enough?


Thank you guys , i will try the above mentioned methods for now.