Finishing off installation required


Hello, We bought 2 tills for a leather goods business and have nearly finished the installation, we are based in the UK. we need the following things done:
Export all the data we have entered on 1 tablet so we can return all the hardware but not loose all our work and install on new hardware quickly.
We know our products by their code number but when using the search function it doesn’t bring up result, it assumes you are entering a product quantity. We would like to be able to search for products using numbers.
we need to be shown how to update inventory on the tills and warehouse.
we also need to be shown how to create sales reports on a roughly weekly basis of all products sold.
We have an issue with the images in one of the menu, they are coming out various different sizes on the screen. we checked and all the images are all the same size.

That’s the long and short of it, if you could either provide a quote or a hourly rate to sort these things out, we would be most grateful. We are relatively tech savvy but just unfamiliar with SambaPos so it shouldn’t be like pulling teeth to show how to use the various functions.

Many Thanks in Advance


Got allot on at the minute myself so not in position to take additional clients especially in a rush.
@markjw may be able to help.
Taking a backup would keep your progress so thats a good plan.
Search function uses product name so you would need to add code to product name for that senario, are you using the barcode field for the code? Have you considered using a barcode reader for even more efficient entry?



@villageleathers I have sent you a PM.


Thanks for response,
I will contact markjw to see if he can help.
We are not using the barcode field for the product code we are putting them in the button title. The items do have barcodes so we are using a barcode field, we just wanted a manual search function in case the barcode isn’t recognised. Thanks again for your response.


You mean doesnt scan or wrong code. You can manually type a bardcode in the same way you search and just click the tick to submit.
Know there has been some discussions on the search function recently, think it actually searches that category and you need to add a search category with all products listed in I remember correctly. Not sure if there have been any adjustments to search in latest version. thi senario is quite retail oriented which isnt primary target for samba so may have to work arround.
But is its as above and your searching for barcode and same as scanned barcode like said, just manually type barcode and click the tick is it doesnt scan properly.


The only way you will get this to work is to have the code as part of the product name. The button name can be different, but the name on the Product List is what is used for search. Search functionality is not customisable in the current version.


The Product Name can’t start with a number, or else it won’t pop up when you type something in.


At the end then? :-p


Yeah. So, make the Product Name “Leather Sofa 10087”, instead of “10087 Leather Sofa”.


I had a chat about our system with MarkJW (thanks for the heads up JTRTech!) and it seems our issue might be bigger than just a few snags but he offered a few solutions so hopefully will be up and running soon!
I wish I had found this forum first, would have saved me a load of time.
Thanks again