First data payment integration

Hello, I have fist data as card processing and I see there could be some integration with samba pos
Any news on that?

I tried with a dev terminal a uk company lent me, my challenge was listening for the responses from the machine as the processing flow results in the responce not being a direct reply to the origional post to it with amount etc.
It would need a custom device creating which is not something Ive done yet.
My project has been put on back burner for now with other jobs taking priority.

This type of this is likely to be quite provider specific so you would need to work on it yourself or find a more experienced forum member with same provider looking to make an integration if your unable to do yourself.
If I remember a couple of forum regulars were particularly against first data for whatever reasons dispite prices being good so were using other providers.

Anyway someone can Take a Look at this link that might be usefull in accelerating integration ? Im preaty sure a lot of ppl are waiting for this

Anybody has some light at the end of the tunnel on this?
Semi integrated would be more than enough

I dont think that helps us much. @emre might take a look but it seems like it would be a headache to maintain something that may or may not be used by many people.

My opinion is that at least in Canada a lot of people would use it as first data is a Canadian company and they have one of the cheapest rates for transactions
Some better understanding of this implementation would be much appreciated

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The thing your missing is that emre would unlikely make something just for first data, he would add required abilities for card intergration depending on needs, untill someone makes an intergration your unlikely to just get a solution.
Samba is about self empowerment to do what needed, so you either need to try yourself and let know what’s needed if not already there or wait for a samba regular who uses first data to make and share the setup.

Ill second that for the United States First Data is the most secure, biggest, cheapest credit card processing company. If we integrate any credit card processing it should be with first data.


So get a machine on demo/loan and get the technical docs on how it communicates locally - over what medium (serial/usb/ethernet), what type of messages, message payload, does it send and receive, etc.


I do have a verifone vx820 but don’t really know how to check communication parameters, maybe the website I shared at the beginning of thread it tell you more ?

maybe the website you shared can also tell YOU more?

If you have a card terminal already, go check online about it - Verifone are a huge company making payment terminals for many card providers, you have the model number it won’t be difficult to find out how to communicate with it, there will be technical documents online.

But anyway, the main point here as many have already stated is we firstly need to have the ability in SambaPOS to work with card terminals, until that exists we need to learn how what is needed and also how it could work with SambaPOS.

Ok so I have the machine and talked with first data
Vx820 connect with rs232 to computer first data told me they will create a “var sheet” I guess this is the commands maybe how it communicates but not sure as they say that the pos software knows
So many questions is where in samba can I create a command or if there is a a section regarding this like when communicating with pole display
I’m not expert on this but really want this to succeed as it’s a very important feature for mistyped amounts on debit machine and speed of service
With this approach this don’t have to be PCI compliant as all data are sent directly from machine to first data servers
Any input would be greatly appreciated

If its serial you could probably just use port printer as with pole display and send your commands via execute print job to that port printer.

We use First Data. An integration would be great. Getting ready to start using our POS March 1st. Proofing our order tags and fine tuning this month.

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