First deposit for new business

Received my first deposit today for a website and also an email for an invoice for a 2xpos system…

Oh and a call to quote a service contract on their current setup… How do I price That? Per job? Per hour?..

Absolutely no idea how much to charge either. @JTRTech? Any idea?

Is it SambaPOS? If so I would recommend about £25 / month per terminal for support. Of course if they have multiple terminals, then you quote that price then discount it a bit to what you are comfortable with.

Do you want help with pricing for that too?

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Im probably the wrong person to ask, Ive done 50+ terminals over the last couple of years and not offered a support package but had reasonable margin on hardware and charged for install/customization.
Marks £25 is about right I think as going rate.
Some deals I have seen offer lower hardware price on a insreased contracted support agreement for 12months equaiting to cheap support for first year obviously on basis people continue increased support price past 12 months.
Ive not offered support as its part time for my business and was mainly after quick cash boost from sale margins.
My consern was always getting pestered by idiot to do stupid stuff like add products.
@markjw what does your support cover? If they came to you every week with menu updates for example?

It doesn’t cover menu updates. If someone asks about adding products or changing prices, I direct them to a support article we have on our support site that has step by step instructions. If someone is struggling I will show them how to add one or two products then leave it with them. If they want menu changes and don’t want to do themselves, we charge for it.

With all packages we sell, we give full training either on-site or by phone depending on location. That covers things like adding products. We also give 30 days free support with everything we sell, because of that, we don’t have every customer coming on support and it also works well for us because if we do get someone excessively abusing support during free period, we won’t let them sign up to a support package (it has happened once).

I’ve been lucky not to have any problems so far. Most support I handle via WhatsApp or SMS, even I quote working hours of 9-6pm, I help via WhatsApp or SMS anytime if I am free.

With SambaPOS it is difficult sometimes to know where to draw the line on what to and not to cover with support. Generally speaking, a small change or help with something we will cover. Hardware issues we cover if we sold the hardware, which would mean assisting with warranty return and loan equipment while it is being repaired. So far haven’t had any hardware issues in the UK because we sell mainly quality branded products from POS suppliers. When I was living in Hong Kong, most hardware issues were people jamming paper in their receipt printer, and sometimes pulling the paper out or trying to force close the printer cover when the cutter was misaligned and therefore damaging the cutter.

I only provide support remotely via internet and at our discretion on-site for local customers.

Here are a few things I have in our terms that I think covers us reasonably ok. Feel free to copy :wink: :

  • Warranty: First year manufacturer’s warranty for all hardware included unless otherwise stated. Warranty does not cover accidental or malicious damage or general wear and tear.
  • Standard Support: All POS System Package orders and Remote Software Setup Packages include free 30 days after sales support. Standard Support is available by phone or email, Monday to Friday between 09:00 to 18:00 GMT, excluding public holidays. Guaranteed response to business critical issues is within 4 hours during our business hours. Response for non-critical issues is generally within one working day. On-site support is only provided for hardware issues where phone or remote support cannot resolve the reported issue, and where the support contract / quotation clearly states that on-site support is included as part of the service. On-site support can only be provided within 10:00 - 18:00 GMT (UK) where customer is based within UK. Guaranteed response is not applicable for on-site support. Out of hours or weekend support is not included, and if required can be provided at additional cost. Phone support will only be provided via our support line 0844 504 1000 or +44 (0)20 3389 8880 or Skype. Standard Support does not cover removal of any virus / malware or any related issues. We recommend antivirus software is installed and kept up to date to prevent any infection.
  • Support Renewal: Standard Support may be purchased or renewed prior to expiry of any included support for £25 GBP / month + VAT per terminal, or £250 GBP / year + VAT per terminal. Price is subject to change without notice.
  • Data Integrity: The customer assumes all responsibility for the data stored on the system. In the event of any hardware failure, we will make reasonable effort to recover any data if the software is provided by us, however it is recommended the customer signs up for our Online Backup service to protect against such eventualities.
  • Liability: StoreSeen (UK) Limited takes no liability in the event of any losses incurred due to any failures, irrespective where the responsibility lies.
  • Internet: Internet access is required for installation and provision of Standard Support service. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure internet is set up before the installation date and ensure cabling is installed to desired location of system.
  • In the event of any dispute, StoreSeen (UK) Limited management decision is final.

Thanks for the replies. Definitely looks like some good info. At a wake now but will read through it when I get back.