First Time Help With SambaPOS4

Hey guys I am Anthony, and I own a business for which we JUST switched over to full retail providers for Point of sale solutions. I tried other Point of Sale software and it’s just not quite giving me the likings and reports I need so I found this bad boy SambdaPOS4 and thinking about deploying these for our point of sale system clients.

My question is, I’ve set up categories, products and every time I try to enter a Tax rate, it’s telling me that it cant add because some other option is using some sort of “Sales transaction” rule and cant simply add taxes, Can someone please explain WITHOUT CHUNKING ME TO SOME TUTORIAL about setting up for first use. Ive already gone through the databse setup and all of that and it’s working. I need to simply set up an 8.25-Tx, 6.25-Otr, 10.25 CT and 0.00 - Exmpt


Sorry I’ll chunk you to a tutorial :slight_smile: It will be better if you understand how account transactions works so you’ll be able to make adjustments by yourself.

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