First time start setup wizard

Just imagine… you installed samba for the first time with a prebuilt database and it asks you questions like… ‘Do you require a No Sale Button’ and ‘will you require manager functions’ etc etc…

I rekon I could build that… but… how can we make samba run an import file automatically?

Probably sounds like too much work… but I’ve potentially got a huge hotel to install into soon… having a wizard would be awesome

This is what Configuration Tasks are for. If you really want to design this then you must learn configuration tasks. Database Import tool will never be used for this.

Ahhhh ok didn’t know that… I’ll look into them a bit more

You can take a look at the time clock config task it demonstrates advanced features of configuration tasks. Of course backup first.

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I always backup before I do anything! Messed up a few too many times before!