Fix inventory items by deleting

Hi guys,

I see that it is not possible to delete inventory items as they are used by end of day record.

My question then is what would you guys suggest the easiest or best way to fix my problem.

The client sells items by single unit or by 6 pack. Both the products have barcodes and we use barcode scanners to make the sales process faster as they get very busy.

Now when the client created the “automatic recipes” with manage > inventory > recipes > create recipes the inventory item for both the single item and the 6 pack item where created.

Now we need to delete the “6 pack” inventory item to just track the stock on per item as the 6 packs are the same unit as both use the recipe to deduct the correct amount from stock.

Do I need to clear everything and start fresh, still keeping all the products but just clearing transactions or is there another way?

Just change the recipe of the pack product to be 6 singles or single product. Rename and reuse the other one or just dont use. Rename/change shouldnt effect historical data.

Hi @JTRTech,

In the recipes we have done that… just on the report side it shows the 6 packs items and is annoying…

Changing wont effect past sales.
If you change recipes to use one of the two inventory items rename the other and use for something else, perhaps delete another unused inventory item and use it for that…

So what I did was to run the following script. We don’t really care about the old inventory history just want to fix what we have and work from now on.

DELETE FROM [PeriodicConsumptionItems]
DELETE FROM [PeriodicConsumptions]
DELETE FROM [ProductTimerValues]
DELETE FROM [WarehouseConsumptions]

This cleared all the inventory end of day records and now I can clear the items I don’t use and start from new.

Hey, How i run the script? Is it done within Samba?

You can run sql from samba but easiest way is using MSSQLM

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