[FIXED 4.1.40] Portion Prices or Order Tag Prices not updating dynamically on Balance on Ticket Screen

Hello @emre

Recently started using v4.1.39 and noticed a small issue:

Only when you hit the Close button, the balance then corrects itself. This is not a behaviour I was aware of in previous versions. This can cause price confusion.

Version: 4.1.39
SQ DB: 60-60
64 BIT Touchscreen PC

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That part was missed while upgrading code to execute Ticket Total Changing event. Thank you for reporting and I’ll release a new version soon for fix.

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I’ve released 4.1.40 to fix that issue.

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Fix confirmed as of v4.1.40

Thanks @emre for the quick fix.

I use Automation Ask Question to Update Order Portion but order screen (portion name and price) not update until I add another item

EDIT: I’m using 4.1.55

Try adding a Refresh Ticket Action to your Rule, as the last Action to execute…

Hi @QMcKay,
I did add Refresh Ticket action (Ticket Id: 0) but still no update.
Thank you,

EDIT: Also try default Display Ticket with Ticket Id=[:Ticket Id]

Hmm…This is weird.
Automation works fine if I executed the automation command button by clicking it (map to order line).
But if it is executed by Menu -> Edit Product Properties then add the same automation command name to it, it won’t update until the next command execute ie. add more item, click other button command.

@emre can you take a look at this.

BTW, Should I start a new topic since this is not relate to portion anymore