Fixed amount discount

Hi, i would to give a client a fixed amount “plafond” where they will only pay the difference.

I tryed to apply a fixed amount discount ie: 8 which works if the ticket total is equal or more than 8. If the total is less it gives error that the calculated discount is inferior that the amount total giving a negative value. Of course if they have a plafond of 8 and spet 2 they will not pay anything.

Is there a way to solve this? For instance a conditional rule that if the discount is more than total than total is 0?

Thanks 4 Support


Typically you would use A Loyalty Card type system for this. What is the discount for? I mean why are you wanting to do the discount?

What I am asking for is if I am a customer why would I be getting the 8 discount?

In a Bar environment this is for staff and VIP. I transformed tables into card numbers and i know that from 450 to 500, those cards are from VIP or staff that are working. I want to give them that amount they can spent without charge but i don’t want to risk give them free drinks (100% discount) as they will probably abuse.

@kendash good question lol; Is it possible any chance as we used to use this type in old pos. example- if the sale is 101.50 and customer have 100 searching for change or use card I said its ok let them happy make it 100 can’t we do that?

You could just process a discount amount for 1.50

Or use the auto round feature, its already built in and you could rename it somerhing like customer goodwill and you can track in accounts how nuch you give away

@RickH Thanks for that but one question this will bring down how much you want or a fixed ±round?

I think you can set it to autoround to whatever you want, i dont use it but pretty sure you can set it to auto round down to the nearest 10 so 101.50 would become 100

@gsreddy see Method 4 in this tutorial.

The loyalty card makes me setup card everytime i need to give that plafond.

I have Silver Cards and Gold Cards and i know that i want to offer an amount to the gold cards only ( same amount on all), so it’s easy to know when to apply that fixes amount discount.

At the checkout the cashier just needs to hit the discount button whenever a gold card is presented but i would like it to be automatic process. Right now i would have to have a 100% discount when the total is equal or less 8 (ie) and the fixed amount when it’s more than 8. This is the process i need to simplify.

Would be lovely to just setup a fixed amount and it apply the correct amount for the order to be 0 in the end. For instance if the order is 6 the fixed amount will be 6. Or the option to turn negative amounts to 0.