Fixed Cost Price

For a very long time i am struggling with the item cost price. Sometimes i forgot or do not have time to insert the transaction document and because of that the cost price is a total mess and every time i need to spend a lot of time fixing that. In the future isn’t there a way to implement a fixed cost field per inventory item and a checkbox that will tell sambapos to use the fixed item cost instead of doing the math itself. This will be a very very usefull function.

I recently answered a similar question but I don’t know how it will be possible to track inventory properly when no purchase transactions are entered.

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Thanks @emre, i didn’t used product tags before , i will take a look into that

The tags are for the products only not for inventory items. I am thinking to use Default Transaction Cost field to set a fixed price as long as i dont use it for nothing, So when the item cost is = 0 or has negative value the report will use the fixed price that i set in the default transaction cost field. This is how i will fix this problem. If there is a way to add a tag for inventory items let me know, but i didn’t find anything till now.
It would help me very much if there were a inventory item tag setting as it is for products.
Thanks @emre

Hi @emre I managed to create the report with PHP and SQLSRV module for PHP
This is how it is looking

THis will list all sold items per period + recipe of each item and cost of each item recipe also if the item cost is not found in the transaction document the default transaction cost field will be used.

At the end a total cost for all items will be calculated. I will release this code next week under the current post that i already opened (SambaPOS5 Web Interface for Reports) , maybe someone else need this :slight_smile: